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Building a wallet takes hard work and smart design. Building a crypto wallet that survives multiple market cycles but maintains a laser focus on user safety and stability? That takes special mettle.

I’ve seen a lot of wallets come and go during my time building MetaMask, and none are quite like MyCrypto. Eminently configurable (regularly adding every obscure configuration, hardware wallet, or new protocol feature ahead of basically everyone else) while staying friendly, usable, and maintaining a communications channel full of colorful education, smart security alerts, and nuanced analyses of the current climate.

Taylor and her team have grown to be absolute cornerstones of the Ethereum ecosystem. Whether it’s Jordan’s relentless community engagement, Harry’s tireless anti-phishing initiatives, or the constant slew of open source libraries and experiments coming from their team, they have become an important part of what Ethereum is today.

For years our teams have collaborated. We’ve helped each other report scammers so they’ve been taken down faster, but also our wallets have literally inter-operated for years. It’s a weird thought, whilemany treat wallet development as a zero-sum game, MyCrypto found a wallet niche where they have been able to bridge so many signers and essential features for Ethereum users to have access to. I think it reflects their unique understanding of the way that web3 allows each component to interoperate, not just compete.

Our roles in the ecosystem are so aligned that I barely feel like I need to point them out: MyCrypto will help MetaMask become safer, more stable, and even more feature-rich. Together, we will continue to buld increasingly user-centric, extensible, and decentralized products. And now, with their web product and desktop application and our mobile apps and browser extensions, we will be able to connect people to the world of web3 in even more ways.

MyCrypto joins MetaMask at a moment of historic growth. Our team has never been larger, and we’re taking the opportunity to kick off several new teams: A security and anti-phishing team to ensure we are increasingly responsive to our increasingly dangerous environment. A core libraries team to ensure that our wallet is maximally small, robust, and portable across platforms. An API-focused team, to ensure that developers are able to make better dapps more easily, and a developer education team that helps make sure that builders know what’s possible.

For me, this represents a particularly powerful moment in our team’s history. When I helped start MetaMask with Kumavis, I was a fast-iterating coder. I added features quickly (sometimes too quickly), but so much of what I feel I brought to the project was always being close to the metal, caring about interoperability and iterating on our APIs. As our team has scaled I’ve needed to step into a larger product-vision and user-experience type of role. With Taylor joining the team, we’re going to have a product leader with unprecedented experience and passion for keeping users safe. I expect her to be able to be able to much of that work better than I’ve been able to, and free me up to focus on some of the work that I’m better suited to.

It’s clear that the wallet has a challenging but special role to play in the next iteration of the web, and with our powers combined, I’m confident we’ll be helping usher it in better than ever.

From all of us at MetaMask to all of you building the next web: We hear you, we’re working hard to give you the experience you deserve.

To everyone on the MyCrypto team who is just joining now: Thanks for making us a part of your journey. Let’s take the wallet to new heights.

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