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Episode: #16 – What’s an Etherean? | Nic Carter
June 8, 2020

Nic Carter is one of our favorite writers in crypto. He’s shaped our thoughts on many subjects over the years. Now we got to sit down and talk the challenging stuff. The stuff typical podcasts never as him…we dive right in.

He’s a bitcoin yes…is he an Etherean? He’s bullish on stablecoins…is he bullish ETH value accrual? He thinks free banking is good…does he think Maker is good?

Nic believes in bitcoin values…does he believe in bankless values?

This episode is jam-packed with insights.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Is Nic an Etherean?

    1. What does Etherean even mean?

    2. Are stablecoins good or bad for ETH?

    3. Why the entire point is blockspace demand

    4. How economically dense transactions win

    5. Settlement assurances & property rights

    6. Why crypto banks aren’t all bad

    7. Emerging digital nation states

    8. Will this bankless thing work?

Plus Ryan & David discuss:

  • How David got pepper-sprayed last weekend

  • Bankless as an anti-authoritarian movement

  • Building it up not burning it down

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