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It was a huge year for us at Zapper! Although it might feel like Zapper has been around forever, our journey officially kicked off on May 1st. Back then, we never dreamed of passing $1B in total transaction volume just 8 months later.

That said, we wanted to take the time to recap Zapper’s first calendar year from simply building the tool we personally needed as DeFi users, to greater ambitions ahead of us in 2021 and beyond.



  • DeFiZap launches “Zap-Outs” a new feature that allows users to exit liquidity from Uniswap into a single asset.

  • DefiSnap adds support to 15 new protocols and reaches the milestone of 1000 weekly active users.


  • DeFiZap and DefiSnap join forces to form Zapper, combining DeFiZap’s seamless access to innovative investment opportunities with DefiSnap’s unified visual DeFi dashboard.


  • As a result of the merge, is launched on May 1st.


  • The “Yield Farming” craze kicks in, and Zapper is a central hub to help farmers get access to the newest opportunities in DeFi.


  • We announce a pre-seed round from Michael Dunworth and MetaCartel Ventures.

  • Zapper volume reaches $100M.


  • We announce our seed round, led by Framework Ventures and Libertus Capital, with participation from various prominent DeFi investors.


  • At the height of the “Yield Farming” craze, Zapper registers more than 300,000 monthly active users monitoring their portfolios.

  • The one and only DeFi Dad joins the team as the CDO (Chief DeFi Officer).

  • We launch Zapper Exchange, an exchange aggregator that helps user’s find the best rates across DeFi without needing to leave Zapper.


  • Yield TV is launched to help connect DeFi audiences with various projects and interesting builders in the space.


  • Zapper announces a seed extension from Coinbase Ventures, Delphi Digital and Scalar Capital.

  • Zapper adds Bitcoin Wallet support.

  • We add 0x API to our Zapper Exchange, enabling more than 20 sources of liquidity.


  • On December 25th, we officially reach the milestone of $1B in transaction volume!

Throughout all the year, we added about fifty new protocol integrations (we’ve lost count), as well as countless new investment opportunities (zaps) across Uniswap, Curve, Sushiswap, Yearn, Balancer and Bancor.

Moving forward

We’re extremely excited for what’s to come in 2021. Among updates we have planned for early 2021, we have a Bitcoin bridge to DeFi coming live to the Zapper dashboard, as well as a brand new mobile app.

Another effort we’re adding to 2021 is gearing Zapper towards community efforts, from streamlining protocol integrations to simple token additions. Zapper is the product of two grassroots driven efforts in DefiSnap and DeFiZap, and we are staunch believers in the community-oriented nature of DeFi.

And always, thank you for all the love and support! To 2021!

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