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We’ve come a long way since winning Kyber’s DeFi Hackathon in November of 2019. In less than a year, Zapper helped move the needle as users track, manage, and deploy capital in a growing DeFi landscape. This month alone more than 200,000 unique users have actively monitored their DeFi portfolio through Zapper.

Today we’re happy to announce a $1.5M seed round to expand DeFi accessibility led by Framework Ventures and Libertus Capital with participation from MetaCartel VenturesCoinfundThe LAOCoinGecko, and Zee Prime Capital.

We’re happy to have additional support from angels Michael Dunworth (Wyre), Kain Warwick (Synthetix), Mariano Conti (Maker), Anthony Sassano (Set Protocol), Meltem Demirors (CoinShares) and Stefano Bernandi.

Every contributor brings much more than just capital to the table. Whether it be early liquidity, resources, influence, or research, all of our backers are active Zapper users and thus, are heavily aligned with our community-first nature.

Zapper’s Roots

Since its inception, Zapper has thrived as a bootstrapped project made by and for the community.

In May, DeFiZap and DeFiSnap joined forces to create Zapper. With Zapper, users could not only enter and exit positions but manage and monitor all of their capital from one trusted platform.

This partnership spoke perfectly to the community-first ethos of both projects and has been proven out in spades since.

Fun fact: The Zapper co-founders have never met IRL.

⚡️From May 1st until now, Zapper has routed over $300M in value⚡

Zapper now supports 18 protocols and counting, constantly looking to expand the ways in which they can be plugged into one another. From adding liquidity to Uniswap and Balancer pools to farming YAMs and just about everything in between, Zapper has become the one-stop-shop for farming DeFi’s most attractive yields.

Looking Forward

The closing of this round marks the next chapter for Zapper.

While we feel we’ve always been extremely nimble in the inclusion of new strategies and opportunities, we’re confident that added incentives for builders to beat us to the punch will directly benefit end-users both in terms of quality and quantity of Zaps.

In the coming weeks, we plan to share more details on how Zapper will empower the community to play a crucial role in the creation of zaps.

If one thing is for sure, Zapper has found its stride and wants to share that momentum with you.

If you’ve never tried Zapper, head to, connect your wallet and you will be able to see the most comprehensive view of where your money is allocated across DeFi. To learn more about how to use Zapper or Zap money into DeFi protocols, check out DeFi Dad’s tutorial here, who btw just joined our team!

Until then, we’ll keep building so you can keep Zapping!

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