Zapper Product Updates: October 2020 DeFi Tutorials

We’ve been working harder than ever to support DeFi’s newest protocols, tokens, staking, investments, and LPs (aka Zaps). Besides our frequent updates on Twitter and weekly Zapper community calls, we would also like to provide these weekly summaries of all the newest features on Zapper.

New Dashboard Support

Harvest Finance

View all vaults + staking pools + claimable FARM rewards

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Index Coop

View INDEX balance + staked DPI / ETH LP + claimable INDEX rewards

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View staked Balancer LPs for: DEFI+S / ETH, DEFI+L / ETH, and DOUGH / ETH + claimable DOUGH rewards

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BONUS: DeFi Dad did a short tutorial on how to participate in PieDAO Liquidity Mining to earn DOUGH. Watch below 👇

Pickle Finance

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View PICKLE balance in your wallet

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View PICKLE staked on Pickle Finance

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View Farms on Pickle Finance showing LPs staked

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View claimable PICKLE rewards

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View balances staked in Jars on Pickle Finance


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View staked balances in SushiSwap MasterChef pools


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View SNOW balance in wallet

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View LP balances staked in stable coin pools.

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View Uniswap LPs staked in SnowSwap + staking balance in Gauges.

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Value Finance

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View VALUE balance

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View Value Finance staking balance + Claimable VALUE rewards


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View YAX balance in wallet

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View staked Uniswap or Balancer LP balance for YAX farming


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View CORE balance in wallet

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View staked Uniswap LP for farming CORE


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View HEGIC balance

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View staked ETH or WBTC as a Hegic options LP

New Zaps, Staking, Claiming

Uniswap Zaps

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This LP is compatible with INDEX farming via LP staking on Index Coop. You can Claim Rewards or Unstake.

Balancer Zaps

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Zap into these Balancer LPs for staking with PieDAO. You can Stake + Claim DOUGH rewards for DEFI+S LP.

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Zap into this Balancer LP. Stake/Unstake and Claim DOUGH rewards.

New Languages Supported

We are very excited to take steps to better support our growing community of Zapper users whose first language is Chinese!

We are also excited to release language support for Russian Zapper users!

Zapper Community Updates

Our team is excited to add Ze Chen who’s assisting us with product marketing and product management, including our fast growing DeFi community who natively speak Chinese. Ze worked previously as a product manager at Findora.

📺 Dont’ forget to watch DeFi Dad on Yield TV, which now has produced 17 episodes with some of the biggest names in Ethereum. We will continue hosting a mix of newcomers and well known builders in DeFi, while demonstrating live on Yield TV how anyone can use DeFi!

🤝 Join our weekly Zapper Community call Fridays at 2 pm EST, where we host an open forum to ask questions about DeFi and Zapper, share ideas, and connect with our peers.

📢 Follow us on Twitter to get the latest Zapper updates and join our Zapper Discord to learn more about DeFi and learn from our community.

⚡ Try tracking your DeFi portfolio, Zapping into DeFi investments, or swapping with Zapper Exchange at!

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