Zerion Launches Upgrade for Non-custoidal DeFi Asset Management

Zerion – a leading DeFi asset management platform – has launched a major upgrade on its popular non-custodial portfolio tracker.

The new Zerion has arrived!

Track the entire DeFi market from the same place you track your portfolio 🚀
Explore trending liquidity pools, Sets, crops and more 👨‍🌾

Check out our sleeker, simpler interface:https://t.co/AAOAEKqURW pic.twitter.com/DCzRNOvX31

— Zerion 🏦 (@zerion_io) July 23, 2020

With DeFi reaching new highs in total value locked (TVL) and yield farming becoming all the rage, intuitive and sleek user interfaces are needed more than ever. Now, Zerion’s new product update is doing just that.

The upgrade not only features a sleek new facelift but also introduces the Explore and Market pages, giving users a complete overview of the state of the DeFi markets including the best performing yield farming opportunities, TokenSets, and liquidity pools. Similar to other DeFi management platforms like Zapper and Argent, users can access a range of DeFi protocols directly via the application. For Zerion, this includes lending, borrowing, liquidity provisions, and DEX capabilities.

One of the biggest issues with DeFi is tracking all of your holdings, especially with new tokens coming online every single day. Zerion’s new “Explore” page offers a dynamic overview of all of the hottest protocols, ensuring that your portfolio is always up to date with the latest assets. With the team’s launch of defimarketcap.io leveraging their DeFi SDK, Zerion is integrating a similar asset tracker directly into the management platform via the “Markets” page.

View the DeFi market on Zerion

iOS and Android Mobile App

Zerion’s upgrade is also extending to its Android and iOS apps, which have both received a complete redesign along with the addition of the Explore, Market, and Asset pages. With Argent currently dominating DeFi mobile market, the upgrade to Zerion’s mobile applications is a step towards diversifying the options for avid mobile users.


DeFi Management Heat up

With DeFi becoming increasingly more complex, simple management solutions are becoming increasingly valuable.

With Zapper.fi, Argent, DeFi Saver, and Zerion all coming to market with novel solutions, they’re beginning to establish themselves as key players in the non-custodial asset management sector. The competition now turns to who can offer the best accessibility to DeFi with intuitive management. Whether it’s Schwab-like portfolio tracking or free transactions, DeFi asset management platforms are making strides in progression. They’re also starting to cash in. Argent recently raised $12M in a Series A back in May, Zerion also raised $2M in a seed round in late 2019, and MetaCartel Ventures signaled support for Zapper with a $50k investment a few weeks ago.

While none of the above products are tokenized, we can imagine that the yield farming craze is driving teams to consider potential opportunities for a similar mechanism in asset management. The only tokenized wallet we’ve seen to date is Pillar, a DeFi smart wallet that recently launched liquidity mining for its native token PLR (originally launched in 2017/18). Even though it’s still early in the game, we can always count on investors eventually needing an exit. And with many of these products becoming highly successful, it will come eventually.

The only question is how?

If you’re interested in Zerion’s new upgrade (we enjoyed it), you can check out the new look here. For those looking to provide some feedback on the new upgrade, join the conversation on Discord . You can also propose and vote on new upcoming features via their official product dashboard here!

⚡ @zapper_fi vs @zerion_io 🏦

You can only choose one. Who you got and why?

— Cooper Turley 🔥_🔥 (@Cooopahtroopa) July 23, 2020

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