Zerion’s DeFi Dashboard Gets a Mobile Facelift With New UI

When it comes to accessing the endless DeFi opportunities available today, it’s no secret that virtually all of these positions are being managed on a desktop or web browser using extensions like MetaMask.

As we look for different ways for DeFi to scale to the masses, projects like Zerion are playing their role through the advent of a consumer-friendly dashboard which makes it easy to manage different DeFi positions like Compound, Maker, dYdX, and Uniswap from one central interface.

This week, Zerion made another stride in the right direction by introducing a new and improved mobile application. Let’s dig into what it entails!

We’ve completely redesigned the Zerion iOS app 🍏

🎨 UI tailored for #DeFi gurus
📊 Now get aggregated view for all your wallets
🚀 Dramatically improved app performance

Download 👉 https://t.co/oPKzEzzsqT

Have anything else you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments! 📈 pic.twitter.com/rWti3f5Kis

— Zerion 🏦 (@zerion_io) April 7, 2020


What’s New?

Right of the bat, users are greeted by a soothing walk-through on DeFi and crypto at large. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Zerion mobile app is the ability to very easily sync an existing wallet in which most browser DeFi activity is happening simply by scanning a QR code. This offers quite a compelling change from having to worry about transferring assets and positions to a mobile-only experience which we can all agree is still quite nascent.

Beyond syncing a browser wallet, users have the ability to opt-in to push notifications on important changes to Vault collateralization ratios, stablecoin pegs and more.

One of the many novel features of Zerion is the ability to sync multiple wallets, allowing users to actively manage positions that may be fragmented across different wallets in one place. Similarly, users can add read-only versions of any wallet of their choice using an ENS-supported scanner.

Once connected, Zerion becomes a powerful place to quickly see open positions, assets, and savings. For example, users can see different TokenSets and their relative value right above a “Savings” section which shows assets earning interest on dYdX and Compound.

Why Does This Matter?

A few weeks back, we saw Coinbase Wallet unveil their new and improved lending experience. With the newly optimized Zerion mobile app, it’s clear we’re getting closer sand closers to synchronous experience in which DeFi can be seamlessly leveraged across mobile and desktop.

As it stands today, DeFi is still quite difficult to grasp for new users. In tandem with the introduction of new products and services, critical pieces of infrastructure like wallets and dashboards are paving the way for the next wave of users.

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